K L Saigal

Saigal is known as Father in right word Grand father of Indian film Industry…The classical music was molded to smooth and easy music so as to get it more popular…and the first singer is the Great…K L Saigal.

All Great singers like Mukesh and others were inspired by voice of K L Saigal.

Lata is the fan of voice of K L Saigal.

डर हैं कहीं ईस ज़माने के संगीत के माहोल में…शोर में…सायगल की आवाज कहीं खो ना जाये…

People like you and me only can keep the voice of K L Saigal alive…

Listen and share the songs and let us keep his voice alive for ever.

To listen few popular songs of K L Saigal visit Link…http://songsofsaigal.wordpress.com

  1. narendra parihar

    Thank God Mukesh is kept alive on the internet, but you don’t here too much of him on radio and Indian tv, although Rafi and kishore get more attention. I am a die hard fan of Mukesh and have the honour to meet him once personally.
    N. Parihar

  2. n.prabhakararaju

    Sir, I am very much thankful to the concerned for having preserved such a great library for Mukhesh Sab favourats. I have gone back to several years with a feel of experiences, while listening these songs of uncomparable melody. Thanks once again.

    N.Prabhakararaju/ Hyderabad

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