M Rafi..

The most popular voice in Indian film music Industry in India is of Mohammad Rafi.

No one should dare to argue on this known fact.

Mohammad Rafi is the complete singer and master of all. He has sung variety of songs and in each variety; Mohammad Rafi has shown his class.

Mohammad Rafi’s playback for Shammi Kapur…is having a different class, loved by young population of that period.

Which singer you like most…Rafi or Kishor? Mukesh and others are like minorities.

In this site we have included few songs of Mohammad Rafi sung with Mukesh.

It is surprisingly true that many fans of Mohammad Rafi do not like to hear songs of Mukesh…But do hear these songs posted in ‘Mukesh with Rafi’ album…for Rafi.

  1. Dears,

    i am one of the most die-hard fan of legend MUKESH. but like other singers 2 like Rafi and Hemant kumar. but mukesh is mukesh. no replaceable at all.


  2. my fav singer

  3. mukesh ki awaj mere dil ki gehraeio se nikli awaj he

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