Here are 505 Songs of Mukesh sorted in 21 albums…like…Mukesh Old Gold Collection…Mukesh Sad Special…Mukesh Sad Memorable…Mukesh Sad Sentimental…Mukesh Sad Romantic…Mukesh Sad Moods…Mukesh Sad Duets…Mukesh Lata Sad Songs…Mukesh Love Songs…Mukesh Romantic Emotions…Mukesh Romantic Moods…Mukesh Lata Love Songs…Mukesh Lata Romantic Duets…Mukesh Asha Romantic Duets…Mukesh Romantic Duets…Mukesh Moods Mast Songs…Mukesh Moods Emotional Songs…Mukesh Sentimental Songs…Mukesh Duet moods…Mukesh Variety Songs…Mukesh with Rafi.

Songs are audio tracks…in MP3 formats…to download Just click on the song and to listen on line click on media player.

To find song Kindly use tag of series given in side bar.

Mukesh…known for his sad voice…but surprisingly his romantic Love songs and happy mood songs are also popular.

Here are Happy, Romantic and sad songs of Mukesh.

  1. where can I get/buy the selections?

  2. i like mukeshji’s songs

  3. I like mukesh sad songs

  4. I like it mukesh is song I am very very proud

  5. Mukesh ji ki aavaj me jo dard bhaukta ko sakar karya hai dil ki bat bhavna bankar bahar aatihai.

  6. Shailendra Agastee

    Voice of Mukesh real shadow of sad mood and Romanticism

  7. I love all the song in “Mukesh Lata Love Songs” .i like this website.

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