ये दिन क्या आये..लगे फुल हँसने..देखो बसंती बसंती..होने लगे मेरे सपने…Mukesh Songs…Ye din kya Aaye lage ful hasane…

Song from film CHOTI SI BAT of Amol Palekar…background song…seems like happy moods…but it is with emotional touch…so included in category of Mukesh Moods emotional Songs.

You can listen or download free such MP3 songs of Mukesh and many other of such type.

In most of these songs…the sentimental touch is so little but it is so effective that it makes the song having emotions…not happy not sad but the special song…pleasant to listen.

Here is the Collection of 15 such Mukesh songs.

Asman pe hain khuda aur jami pe ham         Awara hun…yis gardish me

Bus yahi aparadh main har bar                        chanda ke des me rahata

Diwana muzko log kahe                                       Ga diwane zumke

Hale dil hamara                                                      Hum hain tow chand aur tare

Jannat hain dekhani tow                                     Jis desh me ganga behati hain

Main ashik hu bahron ka                                    Main hu Badanam Juwari

Pyase panchi nil gagan me                                Tujhe bhul ke

Ye din kya Aaye


About drsubhash27

Doctor...Great Fan of Mukesh. My Inspiration is my cute Daughter Anuja.

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